Interested in Volunteering?

We want to be real with you...

Working with wildlife can be incredibly rewarding and challenging at the same time. It's hard work and a lot of it isn't glorious. We are looking for people who aren't afraid to work hard to help these animals in need. Please note -we do not cuddle or play with the animals in our care so as to keep them wild. That is not what a volunteer position with us is about. Please understand, if applying for this job, that it will not be about playing with wild animals. It involves feeding them, cleaning up after them and treating their injuries. We only choose a select number of people though many apply. Please only apply if you are very serious and committed regarding this position. Training is a time commitment on our end and we are happy to do it for the right person. 

All volunteers MUST have or be willing to get a rabies vaccination once hired. Please note the pre-exposure vaccine can be very costly and is not covered by many insurance companies.

All volunteers must be able to volunteer at least 12 hours a week. This is a 6-8 month commitment.

All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and have reliable transportation.


If you have questions regarding volunteering, please email our volunteer coordinator at